Blackwell School of International Studies, Commerce and Technology

9330 Shoemaker
Detroit Michigan

About Us

Catherine C. Blackwell Institute is an African-Centered, Multicultural, Internationally focused technical community, comprised of visionary administrators, and dedicated teachers. Blackwell is designed to prepare academically and socially competitive students for the dynamic multicultural environment in which they will live. Our scores are reflective of our mission to produce students who possess first-rate cognitive and communication skills. Having met AYP for consecutive academic years (2003-12), Blackwell has joined the ranks of schools recognized by the state of Michigan as a High Performing, Phase Zero School. We offer an outstanding sports program, mentoring and extracurricular activities.

Our Vision

At Catherine C. Blackwell, we believe all students can learn and we strive to challenge and educate them to survive in today’s multicultural society. At Blackwell, we’re training future leaders.

Our Mission

The staff of Catherine C. Blackwell institute of International Studies, Commerce and Technology is committed to high student achievement. Within a student centered environment, the staff will guide students to solve problems independently and cooperatively, think critically and creatively communicate effectively, use technology and interpret data competently, demonstrate social, civic and personal wellness responsibilities, display global awareness and cross-cultural understanding, and be prepared for success as high school students.


Music, Art, Dance, Honors classes, Tutoring/Extended Day, Playworks, Accelerated Reading/Math, Meap University, Academic Games, Girl Scouts/ Boy Scouts, DAPCEP, National Junior Honor Society, Book Club, Science Club/Science Fair, School garden, Cheerleading, Student Council, Honor Society, National, Junior Beta Club, Basketball (Girls and Boys), Volunteer, Reading Corps, Business partnerships, LSCO, Parent Seminars, Honor Roll Club, Student of the Month, Girls/ Boys Basketball (EBL).